Water test

Water affects all physical and mental functions. The water quality is therefore of utmost importance!

Water plays a major role in cell metabolism. It does not matter what it brings, but what it takes with you.

Already since the last century, scientists have found that water is essential not only for the functioning of our organism, but also for our thinking, feeling and feeling.

Curious to know how the quality of your water that you drink daily and with which you cook your coffee, vegetables or pasta is?

We offer you a free and non-binding water test at your home. TEST

We carry out 5 tests on you: we check the conductivity of your water and traces of heavy metals. In addition, we test the nitrate content, the hardness and make the lime in your water visible.

1. Do you know, whether from the beverage market or from your line, the conductivity of your water that you drink and cook with?

We determine the conductivity of your water, because the higher this value is due to inorganic minerals, salts, heavy metals, etc., the less water can do its job: transporting nutrients and detoxifying the body. For most doctors and scientists worldwide agree that our organism can best absorb and utilize vital minerals and salts through food, not through drinking.

2. Can you imagine heavy metals coming out of your faucet?

Heavy metals are responsible for nerve damage, rheumatic diseases, liver and kidney damage, chronic infections, tumors, etc. The MK heavy metal test was designed as a semi-quantitative "screening test" and is based on the recognized method of dithizone reaction, with the decades in chemical-analytical laboratories traces of metals, such as Lead, mercury, copper etc. can be detected.

3. What is your opinion about nitrate in water?

Nitrate is highly carcinogenic and is sometimes converted into toxic nitrite in the body. Nitrate reduces the ability to absorb oxygen into the blood. In young children respiratory distress can be triggered. It also causes gastrointestinal irritation and indigestion.

4. Do you know the degree of hardness (° dH) of your water?

With special test strips we measure the lime content in the water. Lime causes hypertension, heart disease, tissue deposits, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, kidney stones, stroke, etc.

5. What do you think, which water can better transport nutrients to the cell and absorb and remove waste from the body?

A special solution makes the lime in your water, whether from the beverage market or from your line, visible.

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