Water elixir of life

Headaches, difficulty concentrating, back and limb pain, cellulite, difficulty breathing, allergies, stomach and intestinal complaints, etc. are also due to an acute lack of water.

Our blood circulation sometimes has to carry a lot of unwanted substances. Every chronic disease begins with a local hyperacidity of the connective tissue. This is how our connective tissue turns into a landfill.

Only when these foreign substances and deposits are removed from the connective tissue, the metabolism can work better.

Hard water contains a high dose of inorganic minerals that, with the most common oily and greasy substances, build up new insoluble compounds that the organism can not utilize.

This lime-fat mixture deposits on the inner walls of the arteries and on the organs in an impermeable layer and hinders an optimally functioning metabolism.

These deposits in the bowels are also a paradise for bacterial pathogens.

This mixture of fat with cholesterol, salts and lime from tap and mineral water not only hinders a healthy metabolism, it also forms bile, kidney and bladder stones.

This is usually accepted by physicians as a quasi-natural disease of the elderly.

All substances such as lime, heavy metals, nitrates, treatment substances, which are used in accordance with § 11 Drinking Water Ordinance, for the treatment and disinfection of drinking water, drug residues, etc., have no place in our body and harm it in the course of our lives.

The more saturated the water is, the less it can transport nutrients to the cell and remove toxins from the body. Inorganic added minerals can not be absorbed by the body and burden it. Therefore, our drinking water should be as pure and unsaturated as it is still found in untouched nature.

Our body needs minerals and salts in the natural dosage and composition. And most doctors and scientists worldwide agree that our organism can best absorb and utilize vital minerals and salts through food, not through drinking.

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