Premium water

Staying healthy and promoting a healthier life is one of our greatest wishes! Invest daily in your health, for more quality of life, vitality and zest for life!

To meet the different requirements and loads, we rely on the membrane technology, an achievement from the space technology.

Depending on its origin, the water contains more or less dissolved substances, such as heavy metals, uranium, nitrate, hormones, rust, germs, etc.

In places where the water is not so pure, the membrane technology starts. Through this technique, all pollutants can be almost completely removed from the tap water. The result is a purity of up to 99.99%.

We work with H.Preiss, a company that has been active in this field since 2002 and brings with it a special know-how.

We offer four to eight stages of filtration that goes beyond nanofiltration.

By pre-filtering we can remove sand, mud, rust and all other substances that come out of the pipes. We continue to withhold chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals and heavy metals.

The use of a special filter for descaling the water also protects the membrane from calcification by ion exchange.

Special post-filter systems ensure optimum pH through re-mineralization of the water and a membrane-sterile filter protects against germs and bacteria in drinking water with a retention rate of> 99.99%.

With a unique meandering, microfluidization, orgone accumulator, energy coil, permanent magnets and mineral earth and rock crystals, your filtered pure water is then energized to its original form bio-energetic, as it can only be found in untouched nature.

Whether private, offices, business premises or medical practices, hotel and catering, schools or universities, nursing homes and hospitals, we offer individual solutions for every need.

Water is a gift of nature, water is life! Drink yourself! Drink pure water!

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