Areas of application

"Lumdia" is a high-performance lamp that can cover all areas of application and all performance classes thanks to its special technical properties.

"Lumdia" was planned, conceived and developed in Germany. All tests up to series production were carried out in Germany. Our "Lumdia" can be used anywhere.

Whether residential, main or country roads, highways or highways, bridges, smaller or larger parking lots with high light requirements, with "Lumdia" you always make the right decision, you always have the best quality!

In the area of ​​interior lighting, we work together with well-known providers from Germany, with whom we are in constant communication and pursue the same goal, always the best quality

LED not only makes light, consumes less and is more durable than conventional light sources, LED opens up fantastic and highly efficient possibilities in all areas of lighting and lighting control.

Contact us, you will discover new worlds of light!

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