Drink Premium

1. Pure water as an investment in your health.

Prevention makes more sense! 98% of all metabolic functions depend on the amount and the quality of the water, because "healthy" drink the well-being and prevent damage caused by pollutants and lack of water. What matters is how we feed ourselves, sufficient exercise, what and how much we drink. Pure water is not only important for drinking but also for cooking. For what use pure drinking water, if it is cooked at the same time with contaminated tap water?

2. Filter water is more ecological than buying water bottles.

Before you can enjoy your box or pack of mineral water at home, it consumes a lot of precious energy. The bottles must be manufactured and bottled. Often, longer distances are covered to transport the bottles to the beverage dealer and to pick them up again. In addition, there is the cleaning of glass or the disposal of plastic bottles added, which are known to land for the most part in our oceans. Think about what world you want to leave to your children!

3. Filtering water is more economical than buying water bottles.

Depending on the brand of mineral water, an average 3 person household spends 2 - 3 € per day on mineral water. If this household then buys mineral water to cook, which hardly anyone does, then it will be even more expensive. One liter of filtered pure water costs only 2 cents! It relieves your wallet, you demand your and the health of your family and you make an active contribution to our environment!

4. Pure water tastes better and is an excellent flavor carrier.

Whether you enjoy the pure water or for the preparation of drinks and food - it simply tastes better. When you enjoy coffee or tea, the taste comes into its own and with fresh vegetables all the flavors and vitamins are better preserved and noodles or rice smell wonderful and taste great.

5. If you do not filter your water, it has to do it to your body.

Contaminated water or enriched with inorganic minerals and salts, hinders excretion via the kidneys. What you can not excrete remains as slag in the connective tissue (cellulite). In the intercellular tissue and in the joints (osteoarthritis / arthritis). According to the latest medical findings, water should be as pure as possible, free of pollutants and low in minerality.

6. Harmful substances and foreign substances have no place in the drinking water.

Water is livelihood number 1! Our organism can survive for weeks without food. After 3 days without water, however, our chances of survival are zero. Harmful and foreign substances definitely have no place in our water. It should therefore always apply to our drinking water: the less unnatural ingredients are contained in the water, the better. According to the French researcher Prof. Louise Claude Vincent, there is a strong correlation between disease rates and drinking water quality. A biologically healthy water is low in mineral, slightly acidic, little oxidized and has a value of 0-89 micro-Siemens.

7. Especially the elderly and children need pure water.

Of course, there are applicable regulations on the permissible amounts of pollutants in our drinking water. But how are limits set? Thus, for example, a limit value for copper of 0.1 mg / l is recommended for infants, but according to the Drinking Water Ordinance it is 20 times possible, namely 2 mg / l. For some pollutants such as drug residues or asbestos there are not even limit values. In addition, only 15% to 25% of the meanwhile more than 2,000 detectable foreign substances can be tested.

8. Animals and plants want pure water

While plants with tap or mineral water show "normal" growth, the root density in plants with pure and vital water increases by about 60%. Try it yourself! Buy a bunch of flowers and divide it into three vases, one with mineral water, one with tap water and one with our premium water. The result is clear. Animal testing has shown that pets prefer pure and vitalized water over tap and bottled water. This was also confirmed by many pet owners.

9. Pure water saves detergent and is a perfect cleaning agent.

Not only that in your kettle, coffee maker or coffee machine lime deposits are no longer to be found and so the use of descaling agents and sharp cleaners of history, also the window cleaning with pure water is child's play and with a crystal clear result without additional cleaning agents , If you have also opted for a water activator, "aquaSpin", directly after your water meter for the entire house, you also protect your washing machine, piping, you need less shampoo and shower gel and save yourself the annoying polishing of limescale your fittings.

10. Who filters water saves time.

On average, the human organism needs two to three liters of fluid daily, preferably in the form of water. With a family of several, this results in a high demand for bottles. These must be bought, towed, stowed and finally brought back. When cooked with boiled water, the effort is twice as high.

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